Our Hajj & Umrah Tours are accompanied and led by experienced scholars and Imams with a wealth of Islamic knowledge and decades of Hajj experience.

The scholars are father and son: Sheikh Abul Kamal Moudood Hasan and his eldest son Sheikh Abul Barakat Mishkat Hasan respectively, who both are active and well known Islamic Preachers and Imams in London, both graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah Munawwarah and lived in KSA for a number of years. They have been guiding pilgrims for 28 years accumulated.

They both are well versed in the Arabic and English Language, and other languages.

Along with our two main dedicated Sheikhs, we have many visiting scholars and Imams who travel every year depending on each year. We also have our Sheikh Abul Kamal Moudood’s wife Sister Halima who is available for the sisters throughout the trip.

It is very important that one who embarks on the Hajj Pilgrimage, studies and learns about the Fiqh of Hajj to ensure that the Hajj is performed in accordance to the Quran & Sunnah. Of course, whilst efforts are made by prospective Pilgrims to study and train themselves for the rites of Hajj & Umrah, it is important that guidance and help, is available and provided as and when needed and upon requirement throughout this lifetime of a journey.

Unfortunately for most people who have a busy lifestyle, studying and learning may be near impossible, hence the heightened importance of dedicated Guides. In order to prepare our prospective Pilgrims in the best way mentally and physically, we aim to prepare our Pilgrims months before the departure travel date.

Around 6 weeks before travel, every year, we arrange a “Fiqh of Hajj Course” for 3 weeks for 3 hours per week (total 9 hours) of good preparation delivered Bi-lingually and streamed for those living outside London.

Our full 1-Day seminar also based in the heart of Whitechapel at the East London Mosque is held approximately 2 weeks before travel to give final advices, guidance and preparation of the whole Hajj process along with important logistical information before travel.

Our travelling Scholars provide presentations and workshops along with Q&A sessions to gain that thorough insight into Hajj.

A dedicated Hasan Hajj Tours Guide Book is also revised and printed every year tailored for our Hajj Group, with vital information such as staff telephone numbers, hotel amenities, travel advice and travel checklists, including the whole Hajj process from London Heathrow to Makkah and Madinah and then back to Heathrow.

We hope the following points will assist you in your decision:

  1. We try our utmost to perform Hajj according to the Sunnah.
  2. We incorporate a valuable educational programme which ensures that this journey is a rich spiritual experience.
  3. We do not attract people from a specific background or nationality; we have a good mix of Muslims from a variety of backgrounds.
  4. All meetings/lectures and announcements are in English, Arabic, Bengali and Urdu.
  5. Most people who travel with us do so based on recommendations from previous customers.
  6. All organisers are fluent in English, Arabic and Bengali.
  7. The group is accompanied by a medical doctor.
  8. We will deliver what we promise to the best of our ability Inshallah.

  • All Round Ground Transportation
  • Visa Acquisition
  • Worldwide Air Fare Ticket

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