Why is it important to take transfer?

We believe strongly at Hasan Hajj Tours that your ease of travel is best when planned and booked. We highly recommend first time & returning pilgrims to book our transfer service, as one of the key issues when traveling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is authorised safe transport not being widely available. All our transfer services are checked rigorously and all vehicles stay within the Saudi Arabian speed limits as concerns for speed in the Kingdom has been revised at and looked at by the government implementing many speed cameras throughout the country. Better roads and services have also help journeys to be smoother and more enjoyable. All cars/SUVs are 2016/2017 models and serviced regularly.

Future of Transport in Saudi Arabia

As the Kingdom continues to move invest in it’s people and infrastructure we are seeing better transport links with residents abiding by traffic systems with penalties in place being enforced and we do look forward to the kingdoms expansion projects such as the train service from Makkah to Madinah where we hope in future years trains become a part of journey travels in Saudi Arabia.
  • All Round Ground Transportation
  • Visa Acquisition
  • Worldwide Air Fare Ticket

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