April Umrah Tour

04th to 15th April 2018

This package has been tailored for families wishing to perform Umrah in the in the April 2018 holidays for a guided spiritual tour with our dedicated team.

Double Occupancy:

Triple Occupancy:

Quad Occupancy:

HAJJ 2018

Our Hajj Packages for 2018 / 1439AH comprise of the highest of services with a personalised experience. We do our utmost to provide the smoothest journey possible and a memorable experience of a lifetime.



At Hasan Hajj Tours we believe that the power of multimedia can greatly help in a pilgrims journey. Take a look at some of the video and writing that we have put together.


HAJJ 2015

Mrs Khadijah Begum

I would definitely recommend Hasan Hajj to anyone who is looking for a hajj tour group. This group was efficient, reliable and at all times made us feel comfortable. They made my hajj journey amazing and unforgettable. I will never forget all the hard work they put into making everything possible for us! May Allah bless the Hasan hajj team. JazakAllahu khayr.

HAJJ 2017

Mr Jamil Husain

I just want to Thank Hasan Hajj for making our Hajj a truly amazing experience. We enjoyed every minute. You guys are without a doubt one of the best groups and I would, without a second thought, recommend you to my family friends. May Allah keep you guys in the best of health and imaan. Thank you so much! Jazak’allah kairun.





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